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Sergey Krayev is a marketing expert and online business professional. The proud American immigrant of Moldovan origin who settled in Buffalo, NY, in his childhood immigrated with his family to the United States from Russia in pursuit of their American Dream. This has enabled Sergey Krayev to speak and write Russian fluently. Sergey realized that upstate New York was not conducive, so his ambitions made him relocate to Atlanta, Georgia, where he has proudly resided for many years. He studied at both Stanford and DeVry Universities. In the year 2000, he graduated from DeVry University with a bachelor’s degree in Telecommunication management with a distinctive 3.75 GPA, since he was a brilliant student.


 He joined and finished Stanford’s Advanced Management Program after practicing project management for five years. This program, where he managed various projects and initiatives of different sizes, boosted his project management skills. While he previously lived in Roswell and Marietta, Georgia, he currently resides in Johns Creek, Georgia. Sergey, a proud family man, married to Polina and loves his family and friends.

Sergey Krayev has been the Managing Director of Partnership Network from 2014 to date. The company is located in the Greater region of Atlanta; Partnership Network focuses on developing global partnership marketing channels with a focus in the tech start-up sector, providing program analytics, optimization, and developing and implementing go-to-market strategy. Besides being the managing Partnership Network, he is the vice president of Strategic Development at Vertical, LLC., He supervises the management of assets, engineering and design services (to assist in project development), optimizing operations, and marketing program development. Vertical is a rapidly expanding firm with a specialization in multifamily renovation in the southeastern US. The firm specializes in both interior and exterior facelifts, with many projects in Atlanta and surrounding regions.


Sergey Krayev has previously worked in various positions in different firms, including being the strategic advisor at Clickagy, a third-party data provider for digital marketing and analytics, for close to two years (May 2014 to June 2016). Clickagy exploits proprietary innovative artificial intelligence. As the Director of Online Marketing and E-commerce at Sage from (May 2013 to Feb 2014), he was responsible for developing business strategies across North America, calibrating marketing/operations channels, cooperating with global initiatives, developing products, and cooperation channel development in various business groups,  and as the head of E-marketing and E-commerce at Mizuno from June 2011 to August 2012,  he was responsible for driving E-commerce enhancing initiatives to promote sales and to improve user experience, guiding the development of communication strategy and developing email blueprint for all North American Business divisions. Additionally, he created initiatives for launching products and managed promotional cooperation drives with partners such as Amazon, Zappos, Running Warehouse, and so forth.


Additionally, he worked as a global interactive manager at Kimberly-Clark between 2008 to august 2011, where he had various responsibilities such as developing and implementing Global B2B interactive marketing approach for different product platforms, implementing strong communication approaches through effective email practices, established effective web analytics (Web Trends, Google Analytics) reporting structure in various business groups for better ROI access for ongoing marketing initiatives, and embedded social media communication approaches to stimulate the awareness of ongoing marketing campaigns to promote the brand positioning of Kimberly-Clark and managed the creation of the new Kimberly-Clark website. Besides, he additionally worked as a marketing director at TVzor LLC in 2012.


In the past 20 years, Sergey Krayev has been a committed marketing professional who has assisted numerous businesses to develop the presence of their brands and achieve their objectives. He uses his experience and expertise to design an approach that empowers your brand and gives your business the necessary success tools. His process is designed to allow your brand and offer your business the marketing tools needed to succeed. Contact Sergey Krayev at 303 Peachtree St NW Atlanta, GA 30308 United States, about how he can assist your business to grow, reduce turnover and implement a strong success and profit track record because he offers services such as comprehensive consultation to assist in determining gaps and opportunities in a comprehensive report that includes project plans, deadlines, and analysis of costs.


Sergey Krayev develops customized quality service plans that will accelerate a seamless achievement of your goals. He did not achieve his goals by himself; neither will you. Regardless of your business being a start-up or want your brand to grow, Sergey Krayev intends to offer your time and needed advice. You can work with him to develop a brand story that will resonate with your target clients and guide your business to achievement. When you succeed, Sergey Krayev also succeeds.


 While many people prefer working on their own, having someone, a supportive and cooperative team member can make your business achieve more success. Sergey Krayev believes that a company with a great marketing crew can impact the world. Make a move to reach us, and we can achieve the objectives of your business together.

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